Correct Use of Products

A number of products are provided with information sheets and wall charts to ensure products are diluted and used correctly.

Each product has specific instructions regarding the dilution rate.

Some products are supplied ready to use. No dilution is required

Products supplied are used in specific areas and assist with meeting Qa2 and QA3 of the Early Years Learning Framework.

Correct Dilution

Some Taren products come as a concentrated product so correct dilution is required.

Please use the following procedure when diluting Taren products.

  1. If required, ensure you are wearing the correct PPE-Personal Protective Equipment for each product.
  2. Know the dilution required. For example, Neutral Cleaner Mop Bucket Dilution. 3 pumps into a 500ml dispenser bottle and then fill with water.
  3. Ensure the dispenser bottle matches the product you are diluting. 

These three steps will ensure that the product is diluted correctly.

Correct labelling is also vital in this process.


  • Use an unlabelled or damaged bottle.
  • Mixed two or more products together.
  • Heat products in the microwave.